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Hot Weather

Posted: 23/01/2018

CMJA Hot weather policy

When it's forecast to be over 40C we'll usually cancel class, and when it's over 35C we'll be carefully considering it - depending on humidity, when during the day is peak temperature, etc.When we do cancel due to heat, we'll send an email out, update our FaceBook page, and post on Meetup with at least a day's notice - and we'll have a note on the venue door.

Dancing on hot evenings

Particularly on hot days, we can work up a sweat while dancing.It's often a good idea to bring a change of shirt, some people use paper/fabric fans (there's usually one at the door you can borrow), and you can always splash some water in your face for a cool blast (not on the dance floor, of course!)It's always important to stay hydrated, but we especially need to make sure to drink regularly on hot days - bring a drink bottle to refill, or you can buy cool drinks from the door.I (Adam) often find I need to add a sports drink - just water doesn't cut it after enough exercise.

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