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Improvement is for Everyone!

Posted: 29/01/2018

Maybe you'd like to win competitions, learn routines and put on performances; maybe you like the idea of becoming a teacher; or maybe none of those appeal to you.No matter which direction you want to take your dancing, Ceroc is a social dance at its core.The tips and suggestions that will be coming will be appropriate for all dancers - "I only want to dance socially" still includes learning to be a better dancer, for yourself and your partner on the social floor!
The better your practice, the faster you can develop - partly that's making time for practice (which doesn't have to be much time), but it needs to be time well spent.If you're unsure what would be good to work on, please ask one of our teachers - we all enjoy helping people who are interested in developing!If you want to develop quickly, then taking private lessons can help immensely - time spent focusing on you and how you dance, with feedback about the little things that we don't talk about in class.It's never too soon or too late to consider taking private lessons!

What's Coming Next?

In the coming weeks I'll be talking about:
  • how to get more out of classes
  • how to add practice outside of class (for example, try to always have good posture - it doesn't take extra time, and it's good for your dancing and your health!)
  • ideas for your own dance practice sessions
  • how to get more out of workshop weekends
  • tips for understanding how moves work (moves you see at class, or if you want to learn something from YouTube)
  • a few basics of music theory, and some of the criteria we use for making playlists, to help you pick songs for practice
  • ideas for how to make the dance your own
  • and more!
This won't be the same as what we teach at class, either on Tuesday or Thursday, so the more you can combine, the better!If there are any topics, techniques, or details that you'd like to learn more about, talk to one of our staff and we'll see if it's something we can add here or to what we teach in class.

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