Weekly Classes

Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide offers group classes in Adelaide each week.
Classes are run on Thursdays at The Irish Club Hall in Adelaide.

Doors open at 6:50pm for a 7 o'clock start. First up is 'Beginner Basics' for those who are completely new to Ceroc dancing. In these sessions we explain the basic Ceroc handhold and footwork used, and introduce the idea of leading and following. This is followed by a Beginner lesson, where a short routine of three or four moves is taught to get you on the dance floor! We then turn the lights down and the music up for a short freestyle session, so you can practice the moves you've just learned and ask the teachers any questions you might have.

After the freestyle session, the class breaks into several groups. Newer dancers are encouraged to stay for an 'Extension' class where the focus is on the key skills needed to progress to the Intermediate level, while the more established dancers have a lesson focused on adding style and more challenging moves and techniques. If you're new to Intermediate then don't be too disappointed if you find the classes difficult at first - the moves and techniques used can take a while to get used to, and the class is taught at a faster pace. At the end of the night there is another freestyle session so you can practice your moves some more and socialise with other dancers. In freestyle, you can (and should!) ask anyone and everyone to dance, even if you think they are at a different skill level to you. In Ceroc etiquette it's considered rude for someone to refuse to dance when asked, unless they have a good reason (eg. total exhaustion after dancing a really fast song!)

Classes are run all year round - our venues have air conditioning in summer, and in winter the dancing is sure to warm you up! We will often even run classes on public holidays, but please contact us for the latest information about our classes, including cancellations and last minute venue changes.


Entry to a class night is $20 / $15 concession, which includes two classes and up to 1.5 hours of freestyle practice & social dancing time.
We also offer the following passes, valid for 3 months from their first use:

  • 5-class pass: $80 / $60 concession
  • 10-class pass, plus a private lesson: $210 / $170 concession
  • Couples 5-class pass: $140 (5 classes for dance couples attending together)
  • Couples 10-class pass, plus a private lesson: $320 (10 classes for dance couples attending together)
With a 5-class pass, you save at least 20%; for those who want to accelerate their dancing, a 10-class pass includes a private lesson where you will receive individual instruction and feedback.

We also offer 1-hour private classes for $80, and wedding packages (which include 5 private lessons and a 5-class pass) for $440.

Thursday Nights

Irish Club Classes

Join us on Thursday nights at The Irish Club in the centre of Adelaide. The Irish Club is located next to the Police Club on the western end of Carrington Street, near to Trims on King William Street. There's plenty of free parking on the street after 6pm, so come along and see what our Thursday nights are like!

6:40pm Doors open
7pm Beginner
7:45pm Freestyle
8:15pm Extension / Intromediate / Intermediate
9pm Freestyle till 10pm!

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