Teachers for 17/08/2017:
Beginner: Nathan & Emma
Extension: Lindsey & Nikki
Intromediate: Adam & Lea
Intermediate: Chelsea & Nathan

Moves for 10/08/2017:
Beginner: Man Breakthrough, Aerial Yo-Yo, Traveling Return, Octopus
Extension: Flow
Intromediate: Winder, Left Side Lady Walkunder with Traveling Veil, Hook Turn to Side Drop
Intermediate: Continuous Yo-Yo - One Footed Spins, Catapult - Swing Exit, Bean Shoot Steal, Shoulder Fold Wrong Side Dip

Moves for 03/08/2017:
Beginner: Wurlitzer Roll Across, Right Side Pass, Guy Walkunder, Aerial Yo-Yo
Extension: Posture
Intromediate: Dryer, Sombrero, Surprise Dip
Intermediate: Cross-handed Catapult, Manhattans, Travelling Quicksteps, Hesitation Return - Aerial YoYo, LH Duck Dip Steal