Winter Specials!
Multiple class passes available for concession prices & $20 off private lessons.
Offer valid during June, July, & August.
Stay warm during the winter months, come and have a dance!

Teachers for 20/06/2019:
Beginner: Nathan & Lea
Extension: Chelsea & Nathan
Intromediate: Michael & Clancy
Intermediate: Adam & Lea

Moves for 13/06/2019:
Beginner: Catapult, Return & Comb, Wurlitzer Roll-Across
Extension: Progressive Turns
Intromediate: Two-Handed Fold, Traveling Top Turn, Inward Turn Lunge
Intermediate: Screwdriver Turn, Barrel Turns, Panda Hat, Out the Window Hurricane

Moves for 06/06/2019:
Beginner: Catapult, Throwaway, Basket
Extension: Tracking
Intromediate: I-Turn U-Turn, Eskimos, Leader Chicken-Wing Dip
Intermediate: Folders Hat, Roly Poly (Hip Catches), Milkshake, Free Spin to 1 Arm Drop