Winter Closure!
We're taking a short Winter break, no classes for a few weeks.
We'll be back on the 25th of August, ready to dance up a new storm!
We'll also have a special offer when we return

Student Testimonials

Don't think dancing is for you? Well, neither did some of these people before they gave it a go! Check out some of the things that people (both new dancers and experienced ones) have to say about Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide classes.

"Just wanted to touch base and say thanks for the great class. Unfortunately, my colleague and I were only in Adelaide for a few days on business. Sadly, we won't make it to the next class (or probably the next few) in the near future. But, crazier things have happened...
All the best and keep up the great work mate."
--W, Melbourne ("The guy with two left feet that had a ball")

"I have tried several different dance styles before from latin and ballroom to line and square dancing but none have captured my imagination in the same way as ceroc. It is upbeat, simple to learn, the moves are creative and varied and best of all its FUN!!!"
--Damien, Adelaide

"Wow! Just got back last night from the Adelaide workshop weekend! What a blast!! The workshops started from the basics and worked their way up to advanced concepts, moves, musicality and timing and finished on some amazing aerials. The Adelaide people were lots of fun to dance with and of course the wining and dining!"
--Mark, Adelaide

"mum i cant wait antil i get to go dansing becose it is so much fun and you no it.i love dansing with you becose you are so nice and you are good at it but you looc funny but you are stil realy good at it.i am not very good at it but i wood love to lern houw to do it proply then it wood be funner than it is nouw but i stil love it so harryxxxooo."
--An email from Jane's 9 year old son Harry

"Just thought I would let you know that the Beginners CEROC DVD that I bought at class works in Canada as you thought it would. In checking out the other features on the disk they show a lot of intermediate and advanced paterns as well as the 15 basic beginner patterns. They don't go into great detail like on the beginner moves but they do show enough that we can figure out how to do them (especially since you guys taught us the basic understanding and styling).
Thanks for the experience we really enjoyed the classes.
Take care and regards to all the teachers."
--Tony, Canada

"We can't bring a friend [to the 'Bring a Friend' night], it's too far. But we did bring some CEROC to a dance here last weekend. I introduced some of the moves you taught us to several people at a dance we attended. Everyone liked them. I didn't give any instructions just tried to get them to follow. The accordian and rainbow break were easy for them to follow but the Manhattans were more difficult. I will try others next time. I imagine this was the first time these were danced in Eastern Canada."
--Tony, Canada, again!

"[...] it's fun and great exercise and such a 'together' activity. We are having a great time at the moment and thanks to you guys! I wish we started much earlier though."
--Marie, Adelaide

"Hey hey Adrian, it's Nettie... Ceroc is so fun!! It is really good (just thought you'd wanna hear that) I'll come out on Thursday. Might cya then!"
--Nettie, Adelaide

"Hi Adrian. The wedding went well. The wedding dance even better. Nobody believes we've only done 6 weeks of Ceroc nor we didn't have a set routine. The Sydney Cerockers were very impressed. Thanks to u. We'll send u photos soon. Cheers, Gay & Doug."
--SMS from Doug & Gay, Adelaide

"I miss dancing like I miss the sun on a cold winters day, and am aching to get this tired body out on the floor again!"
--Bek, Adelaide, who has to work on the same nights as Ceroc classes!

"Dancing overall has given me more confidence in myself than any other activity I have ever done - it is more than just a physical activity!"
--Anon, Adelaide

"I have a lot of respect for your teaching style, you are very clear with directions, casual in your delivery, yet detailed when the need arises. Your ability to showcase the female steps and moves, is a testament to your committment to teaching excellence. There is no reason that Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide, under your leadership can't be one of the best dancing schools in SA."
--Michael H, Adelaide

"Hi guys, It was my first night last night and I had so much fun. I had a ball and learnt so much, I can't wait until next time. I just want to say that everyone was very nice and there was an extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
Thankyou to all for making me feel welcome!"
--Jules, Adelaide

"Hey Adrian & Susan,
Chris and I would just like to thank you both very much for the opportunity to learn the 'Shook Me' routine. It has been a fantastic experience and has been taught extremely well. Thanks again."
--Colleen, Adelaide

"Thanks for a fun time last night and for providing such a friendly atmosphere to learn dance and make new friends."
--Graham, Adelaide

"I have just returned from Adelaide. I managed the Friday night and Saturday, sessions and dances. Not being at home there were no excuses like I have to do the washing or painting or...
Adrian and friends did a great job of organising the events and were really friendly and welcoming. The instruction of course was great, one of these days I'll be able to spin!!! It was great to actually learn some of the moves I half know from social dancing but never really learnt. Watching Nicky and Robert's demonstration at the Saturday night dance was phenomenal. There were lots of new dancers at the workshops too, I hope they keep it up!"
--Jean, Sydney

"Thank you to everyone at Ceroc & Modern Jive Adelaide for making me feel so welcome over the past 4 months. Since trying Ceroc at one class in Sydney, I was hooked and I had been waiting 5 years for the opportunity to get to classes locally. It took a lot of courage to come along the first time by myself, but I haven't looked back. Thursday is now my favorite day of the week! A recent highlight in my short, but sweet affair with Ceroc, was the 'Birthday Jam.' Yes, OK, so it did take me over 2 weeks to confess to having had a birthday, but if I had known it was so much fun I would have spoken up sooner. As the birthday girl, I got passed around to dance a few moves with lots of different dancers all in the same song (and in front of everybody - hence my initial hesitation.) A big thank you to all the gorgeous dancers who made me look (feel!) soooo cool. I could pretend it is my birthday every month, but that would soon make me 101! Thanks again to all the instructors for their patience and encouragement and to all my fellow ceroc-oholics!"
--Jane, Adelaide

"Hi Adrian & Susan, I just wanted to send you a quick email to say hi and thank you for everything that you (and your team) have added to my life through Ceroc.
I have felt nothing but acceptance and encouragement during the lessons and freestyle sessions from everyone at Ceroc, and I can honestly say that learning to dance through the Ceroc lessons has taught me so much more than just dancing (which I am obviously still learning), you have taught me acceptance of others and how to be an encouragement to those around me... a level of co-ordination that I never thought I would ever achieve, and it just keeps getting better all the time... a clarity of thought and planning that helps every area of my life. And I could go on and on.
It goes without saying that I look forward to every Ceroc class... and can't wait for tonight... so please keep doing the fantastic job that you are, and know that you are making a real difference in peoples lives.
Thank you..."
--Stuart, Adelaide

"Wanted to say a big thank you for the Progression to Intermediate workshop yesterday afternoon. You must both be exhausted after such a full day & weekend and then I guess you were at Cooinda again tonight for another class. We are spoilt! I've really enjoyed the classes; all the teachers are great at breaking down the steps, answering questions and have a good knowledge of what they are teaching. The people are welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere draws people in and everyone gets to have a go at their level. It's been great fun and you've got me hooked!"
--Emma, Adelaide