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Dance to the Rhythm of Love!

Happy Wedding Couple

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life. And your bridal dance is one of the most remarkable moments that you and your guests will remember for years to come - so why not let Ceroc and Modern Jive Adelaide help make it even more special?

Our Bridal Dance instructors can help you and your partner look fabulous on the dance floor, even if you have no experience and you feel like you have two left feet. If you want to impress your friends and family with more than just a bridal 'shuffle', our Wedding Dance Packages are for you! With packages starting from just $440, and the flexibility to tailor to your exact needs, we'll have you up and moving confidently in no time - even if you've never danced a step before.

Standard Freestyle Wedding Package

This package is perfect for the couple who are looking for an easy and enjoyable way to survive the bridal dance! You'll receive a total of five hours personalised, one-on-one tuition with two of our qualified and experienced bridal dance instructors who will teach you to dance to music of your own choice, and help you find the right song if you're not quite sure what would be best for you. Also included is access to our regular weeknight classes - the perfect opportunity to practice what you're learning in the private sessions in preparation for the big day.


  • Five one-hour private sessions
  • A 5-class couple's pass for entry to our regular class nights
  • Cost: $440

Deluxe Choreographed Wedding Package

For the couple who want something a little extra, our Deluxe Choreographed Wedding Package has it all. We will choreograph a complete routine to music of your choice, using beautiful moves and styling chosen at a level that best suits you. In addition to five hours personalised tuition to help you learn your Wedding Dance, you will receive a learning DVD demonstrating the routine, and entry to our regular class nights to provide you with extra practice time.


  • Individually choreographed routine, to music of your choice (up to four minutes)
  • DVD with routine performance and learning hints
  • Five one-hour private sessions
  • One-month or 5-class couple's pass entry to our regular class nights

Bridal Party Package

After your bridal dance is over, the bridal party will want to hit the dance floor too - or will they? With the Bridal Party Package you can make sure of it, with two one hour sessions of 'fast track' small group tuition, designed to get anyone and everyone up and moving. Also included is access to all our regular class nights for everyone in the bridal party - unprecedented value for money! This package is only available in conjunction with either of the Standard Freestyle and Deluxe Choreographed Wedding Packages above.


  • Two one-hour private sessions
  • One month or 5-class entry to our regular class nights
  • Limit four couples (not including the bride and groom)

For more information, to discuss prices and times, and to book your Wedding Dance Package, please contact us.